The List: Movies To Fill The Time During The Government Shutdown

The Right Stuff (1983) Failure to reach agreement on a funding bill would by some estimates put almost all of NASAs 18,000 employees out of work. Sidelined federal aerospace workers can relive their glory years with this epic adaptation of Tom Wolfes best-selling history of the U.S. space program. Its just a movie but so what? Under the Obama administration the U.S. space program is mostly history anyway. 4. Armageddon (1998) Alternatively, NASAs non-essentials can take vicarious pleasure in this Michael Bay blockbuster about a crew of NASA recruits who save the planet from annihilation by a Texas-sized asteroid headed our way. Sure, its only a fantasy. But like we said, the U.S. space program today is mostly history anyway and the rest is fantasy. 5. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) The IRS says it would suspend all audits in a government shutdown, making life easier for Tim Robbins character, a onetime banker who as an inmate is compelled to cook the wardens books in this classic prison drama.

Michelle Rodriguez talks movies, female empowerment, and sex: ‘I don’t talk about what I do with my vagina’

In a class he now teaches, Motz assigns students to watch a movie from the list and write a paper on the scientific accuracy of the movie. For example, a student might analyze how well “50 First Dates” portrays anterograde amnesia. “[It’s] chance for them to learn something,” Motz told LiveScience. Anyone can rank movies, although Motz said he suspects that many of the voters so far have been academics. (Anyone can also suggest a movie for inclusion in the index.) Many movies appear on two or three of the top 10 lists. “Indeed, films with high marks for accuracy and relevance are, without exception, also given high marks for quality,” Motz said. For example, the 2009 flick “Moon” starring Kevin Spacey appears at No. 5 on the quality list, No. 9 on the accuracy list and No. 3 on the relevance list. However, Motz noticed that low accuracy does not always take away from quality. Movies such as “Tron,” “Being John Malkovich,” “Young Frankenstein” and “The Manchurian Candidate” score low on accuracy, but score high on quality.

Top Brain Science Movies Revealed

I wont ever bend on what I believe in. I dont care who you are you can be the best director on the planet. If you dont get what I do, what Im good at, I will not bend for you. She tosses her hair back, taps her fingers along the table. People dont understand how important symbolism is. Seeing an image up on that screen can make a difference to somebody. It can make a difference. Rodriguez didnt like the way she saw young actresses treated, even at parties. When she was 22, she was at a wrap party in Europe when a producer pinned her against a wall and grabbed her between the legs. Well, get this, Rodriguez says. Thisgirl from Jersey City has a knife in her boot. I pulled it out and said, Ill cut your d off. She sighs. You know what he did?

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