Fallen Celebrity Lawyer Busted For Choking Girlfriend: Prosecutors

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“It’s the most magic I’ve ever put into one show,” he noted. “It took me six years to figure this one out and I’ve been slowly assembling it over the past year and worked nonstop to make this the best I could.” To land access to Bush, Blaine says he first had to clear the Secret Service and work his way in. “Most of the people, it was me negotiating private parties — I owe lots of people lots of performances for the rest of my life,” he jokes. The show specifically will allow the viewer to figure out what’s real and what’s based on magic, with a combination of all different kinds of magic. “There’s things that I traveled to Africa to learn and you see that process when I come back and perform it in front of Woody Allen, Robert De Niro and guys like that,” he revealed. “There are new things that only a few people in the world can do.” While he says his favorite part of the process is falling in love with people based on their reaction to his work, Blaine says the idea of going into homes helped drive home the point that what people are seeing is real. “There are crazy moments from doing things that doctors don’t believe are happening while they’re watching it in front of their eyes — and I do that in people’s kitchens and homes, places you really shouldn’t,” he says. PHOTOS: Broadcast TV’s Returning Shows 2013-14 Beyond the rare displays, Blaine will also incorporate his close-up magic with playing cards and ordinary objects. “There’s no weird props; everything is what exists in the place as is — it’s stuff I can do anywhere, any time. It’s not TV magic, it’s real magic.” Blaine will serve as an executive producer on the special, which hails from Radical Media and was directed by Emmy-winning helmer Matthew Akers. Electus has acquired international rights to the special and will be shopping it this month at MIPCOM.

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He was released without bail, and ordered to return back to court on Oct. 7. The once press-hungry lawyer refused to talk to reporters as he left court. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted in the choking case – but he has plenty other legal problems on the horizon as well. Barbara in a mug shot released by Nassau County Police on December 4, 2012. RELATED: FALLEN CELEBRITY LAWYER DOMINIC BARBARA FACES STALKING, BLACKMAIL CHARGES Barbara, who in his heyday drove a Bentley, wore $1,000 suits and was a regular on Howard Stern’s radio show, is currently awaiting trial on charges that he tried to blackmail his wife for $200,000. Prosecutors said he’d vowed to release pictures and videos of her with other men unless she paid up. He was also busted earlier this year for swiping a $1,400 Yves Saint Laurent purse from a Long Island store. That case is also pending. DDNY/Broadimage Barbara was a regular to shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show. And while he can represent himself in his criminal cases, he can’t represent anyone else.

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