Concert Venues On Campus Pigeonholes Potential Artists

You want it to be loud, exciting and sort of create the pressure, increase the excitement for the team. Its not a great room for listening, Wetzel said. If you want to have intelligible sound, the sound quality wouldnt be great. You could keep turning it up, but its not going to be great. Nigel Agboh, president of the SCC and a senior in the College of Technology, said although the SCC might not be able to bring artists that sell out 50,000 seat venues, that doesnt necessarily mean that Purdue doesnt attract artists of a certain stature. Unfortunately, we do miss out on some of the big names because of that … but that doesnt mean we cant have some the big names out there, Agboh said. We got Lady Gaga and Kid Cudi in the past (and) Macklemore and Lupe Fiasco, all big names that have gone out to do big things. Agboh said the Purdue community understands the circumstances surrounding venue space and attracting young, budding artists, but they still appreciate the performers brought to campus. Honestly, Im kind of impressed with Purdues campus because I feel like they all kind of understand that we cant necessarily get the big names. You hear a few things, Why cant (we) use Mackey? Why cant we use RossAde? But I kind of like that we get the young, budding artists because that reflects the nature of Purdue. Were trying to go after the next best thing, get things early before they blow … I feel like students kind of appreciate that, Agboh said. With the recent launch of the SCCs survey requesting input on what artists and types of artists the greater Lafayette area would like to see, Agboh hopes the results will give the committee the chance to make an impact on campus.

On the Money: Theater’s Kickstarter success brings free concert

7. (7) Jason Aldean; $1,084,344; $47.22. 8. (8) Bruno Mars; $1,029,185; $70.03. 9. (New) “Honda Civic Tour” / Maroon 5 / Kelly Clarkson; $895,674; $47.71. 10. (9) Michael Buble; $887,667; $82.24. 11. (11) New Kids On The Block; $709,942; $59.64. 12. (10) Rush; $697,666; $72.32. 13. (New) Luke Bryan; $674,316; $37.38.

Top 20 Concert Tours From Pollstar

The five acts, which include High Rock Mountain and The Barn Burners, would still perform, but the ticket would help pay for additional items, a kind of want-list. The big show? Lets just say its become something of a constantly shifting paradigm. At first, the idea was that “A Very Big Concert,” a high-voltage, six-hour concert featuring the hottest local acts, would be a benefit for the Screening Room. The iconic State Street theater, as much a part of the Port landscape as the old Fowle’s sign, had announced on Aug. 31 that it needed $60,000 to buy new digital equipment. Without the upgrade, as crazy as it sounds, the curtains could close on the indie theater, which has been showing films since the late 1970s. Owners Andrew Mungo and Nancy Langsam started a Kickstarter campaign, the so-called crowd-sourcing option, which offers non-financial perks for folks who pull out their wallets. The public responded quickly, bumping up the totals. Many in the Port arts community also jumped in, including Liz Frame, leader of the Kickers. She decided to put together “A Very Big Concert,” featuring her band, as well as local heavies like Kate Redgate and E.J. Ouellette and Crazy Maggy. “As soon as I heard about their need and the danger of it not being met, my mind clicked,” says Frame.

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